Import contacts to iPhone

How to import your contacts to iPhone

How to manage contact groups and send broadcast SMS or e-mails from iPhone

You can manage groups of contacts on your iPhone and iPad with help of app “Contacts In: Import CSV & Manage Groupsas_available_appstore_icon_20091006.
You can create new groups, delete groups, assign contact to groups, quickly delete contacts, send broadcast SMS or emails to all contacts of the group or selected contacts.

main_menu Tap “Groups and contacts” to go to manage groups and contacts and to send broadcast messages.
 groups_del_small At the bottom of the screen you will see your groups (if already created). On the top you will see “group” named “All contacts” where you can see all your contacts. Second line is “not assigned to group” and contains all contacts that are not assigned to any group. Next to the name of the group is the number of contacts in the group. You can delete group by swiping on the line and tapping “Delete”. When you delete group that contains contacts, only group is deleted but not contacts. To navigate to the contacts of the group please tap the line.
group_create You can add new group by tapping Add_icon. In the pop-up window please type name of the group and tap “Done”.
 contacts  After you navigate to one of the groups you will see the list of contacts in this group. On the right from the contact name you will see group(s), where the contact is assigned to, or “no group” if contact is not assigned to any group. You can navigate to contact details with icon contact_details. You can delete contact by swiping on the line and tapping “Delete”. Tap on the “no group” to assign one contact to the group(s). You can assign contact to groups one by one of with mass select.
contact_display When displaying contact details you can do usual things: edit, make call, send message and so on.
 select_group_small Here you select to which group (or groups) you would like to assign the contact. Tap line to select/deselect particular group. If you would like to remove contacts from all group – select “Remove from all groups” line.
contacts_select_small2 You can select contacts and perform mass actions for selected contacts: delete, send sms, send e-mail, assign to group. To start selection tap “Select” button in the top right corner. The check boxes for contact selection will appear on the left next to each contact. You can select particular contacts or select/deselect all of them at once with checkbox in the toolbar in the left bottom corner. After you selected at least one contact, the action menu action_menu button in the bottom tollbar will become active. Use it to perform actions for the selected contacts.
contacts_action_small To delete selected contacts choose “Delete contacts” option.To assign selected contacts to group(s) select “Assign to group”.To send SMS to all your selected contacts – choose “Send SMS”.To send e-mail to all you selected contacts – choose “Send e-mail”.
broadcast_sms If you selected “Send SMS” option, the app will open new SMS message and insert all your selected receipients. You might need to wait few seconds if you selected too many receipients. After that you type the text of the message and tap “Send”.Sent SMS will appear in native iPhone “Messages app”.
 broadcast_email  If you selected “Send e-mail” option, the app will open new email message in native iPhone “Mail” app with all email addresses of selected contacts included as receipients. Type email subject and text and send as usual.Sent messages will appear in “Sent” folder of native iPhone “Mail” app.

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