Import contacts to iPhone

How to import your contacts to iPhone

iPhone App features

App name: Contacts In : Import CSV Contacts 

★ Import your contacts into iPhone address book from text file table (CSV).
✓ Import of Groups (“Friends”, “Family”…).
✓ Import your phone types (“mobile”, “work”, “home”, “fax” and so on) – you can map phone types from the file to iPhone types.
✓ Import birthdays of your contacts from any date format (US, European or other). The date format is determined automatically.
✓ Different encodings (languages) of the file are supported.
✓ Any file separator (delimiter) of the file are supported: comma, semicolon, tab or any other.
✓ Number of columns, their names and order does not matter – you will map (and app also helps to map them automatically) file columns to the iPhone contact data: groups, names, phones (up to 4 phones per person), phone types, e-mail addresses (up to 2 per person), date of birth, address, company and other.
✓ Contacts will be simulated so you can check and clean them before importing. The app will also check is contact already exists to avoid creating duplicates.

★ Manage your groups and contacts easily.
✓ Create and delete groups.
✓ Assign contacts to groups – one by one or with mass selection.
✓ Easily clean up your contacts one by one by swiping or with mass selection.
✓ Search your contacts (not only by name but by company, department, position and note).
✓ Display/edit you contact details, make calls, sms, share contact with iPhone native functionality (from this app).

★ Send collective SMS and e-mails to all or selected contacts or contacts of the specific group.
✓ Easy and fast selection of recipients by checking checkboxes.
✓ No limit to number of recipients.

The list of contact data that can be imported with this app:
– Group
– Prefix
– First Name
– Last Name
– Company
– Job Title
– Department
– Phones/fax (up to four phones per contact)
– Phone type (fixed “work”, “mobile” or can be taken from column value)
– Date of birth
– Emails (up to two emails per contract)
– Postal address: post code, city, county, address line 1, address line 2
– Home page
– Notes


2 responses to “iPhone App features

  1. Diego July 29, 2013 at 11:20 am

    the APP is ok, but please insert “SELECT ALL” to select all components of a group …. when they are more than 30/40 units it’s very difficult ….

    • csvcontacts July 30, 2013 at 8:25 am

      there is function to select/deselect all contacts of the group: tap “Select” button in top right corner. You will see chekc box will appear in bottom left corner. By tapping it you can select/deselect all contacts of the group you are displaying.

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