Import contacts to iPhone

How to import your contacts to iPhone

How to import contacts to iPhone from your old phone

So, you just bought your new iPhone. Now you want to transfer your contacts (names, phone numbers etc) from your old phone (whatever brand it is: Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, does not matter) to your new iPhone. The old phone can be very old, the only thing that there should be desktop software for that phone (usually there is).
Here is how you can do it.
STAGE 1: prepare CSV file
1. Download and install (if you don’t have it already) phone desktop software for your old phone. It can be named “Samsung PC Studio” (see how to create CSV file from Samsung), “LG PC Suite”,  “Blackberry Desktop Software”, “Nokia PC Suite” and so on.
2. Synchronize your old phone with your “PC Suite” to make sure that all your recent contacts are loaded to “PC Suite”. Make sure that you synchronise contacts from both SIM-card and phone memory otherwise some contacts may not be transferred.
3. Export contacts from “PC Suite” to CSV file.
Now you have CSV file ready for import to your iPhone.

STAGE 2: importing CSV file into iPhone
1. Install app from AppStore on your iPhone. Name of the app is: Contacts In : Import CSV Contacts  
2. Load CSV file with contacts to the app. You can to it in two ways:
a) with iTunes.
b) send file to yourself as e-mail attachment. Your iPhone should be configured to receive your e-mails. Just open e-mail, download attachment (just tap on it and wait while download completes). After that tap and hold attachment and menu will pop-up. Select “Open In”.
3. Open app (if you opened e-mail attachment the app should start automatically).
4. Follow these instructions how to import contacts with the app. It is very easy.


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