Import contacts to iPhone

How to import your contacts to iPhone



What is format of text file to import contacts?
File should be text file with header line. In the first line there should be names for all the columns. All other lines should represent the contacts. Each line corresponds to one contact (one person). The text file should represent table, with separator used to separate “cells” in each line. Separator can be comma, semicolon, tab or other symbol. Such text files are commontly referred to as “CSV files” and is widely used standard. Most of software can export contacts to CSV files (PC Studio, PC Suite, Outlook, Excel and many more).

How to allow the app to access contacts?
For the app to work it must have access to edit your contacts. The access to contacts can be changed on your iPhone here:  “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Contacts” -> here you should see “Contacst In”. Pease switch ON.

Does this app work on iPad?
Yes, all iPhone apps work on iPad in special simulation mode. Open AppStore and select “apps for iPhone”, then search for “contacts in”.

On which iPhone and iOS the app will work?
it works on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, on both iOS 5, iOS 6 ans iOS 7.

Why phone numbers are not added as receivers in mass SMS?
For the phone number to be included as receiver in broadcast SMS message, the phone number of the contact must have label “iPhone” or “mobile” (we dont want SMS to be sent to faxes or work phones as sometimes they are converted to voice mails and gives you wrong impression that they are sent). Other phone labels (except “iPhone” or “mobile”) are not included into broadcast SMS. Therefore if all phones of all your contacts have labels “other” or “main” (for example) then you will see SMS with empty receipients. To solve the problem please change labels for mobile phones numbers of the contacts to which you would like to send broadcast SMS.

How to rename the contact group?
To rename the group use the following easy steps (it takes only one minute):
1. Create new group with correct name.
2. Open contacts of old group.
3. Select all contacts of the old group. You can select/deselect all contacts of the group using checkbox in bottom left corner of the screen (after you tapped “Select” in top right corner).
4. Assign all selected contacts to new group (menu icon in bottom left corner).
5. Go to overview of groups and delete old group (by swiping on it). Dont worry, contacts will not be deleted.


2 responses to “FAQ

  1. Joe Navarro June 29, 2013 at 4:11 am

    Hi… my apologies if this is not the correct place to ask a question…

    AFTER .csv file lines are successfully imported into Contacts, then how do I delete the csv file from my iPad?

    Joe Navarro

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