Import contacts to iPhone

How to import your contacts to iPhone

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Version 5.7 is in AppStore – update for iOS7

Version 5.7 is released for AppStore, which is adaptation of “Contacts In” for iOS 7. Please download update if you have upgraded to iOS7.


Version 5.3 is realeased

What is new:
– SMS (text messages) are sent only to phone numbers with labels “iPhone” and “mobile”. This was made to ensure that SMS are not sent to faxes, work phones or other (sometimes SMS are converted to voice messages by some providers). And also to avoid wrong impression that SMS was send.
Therefore before sending broadcast SMS make sure that your receipients have either “iPhone”¬†or “mobile” assigned to their mobile phone numbers.

Version 3.0 is released

Hi All!

Version (3.0) of “Contacts In: Import CSV Contacst” is released by Apple.

Implemented some new features:

1. ) Import of birthdays. Different date formats are supported and app will try to detect format automatically. Works fine with 20+ date formats, including US, Europe and others, also RFC3339 (variant of which is used by Samsung PC Studio/Kies).

2. ) Added import of postal address (street, city and so on). Though country will be always country of the user (which should be ok for most of the cases).

3.) Added middle name (in some countries it is important).