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Version 5.2 is released

Version 5.2 is released in AppStore import_contacts_144

What is new:
– you can import contacts with groups (e.g. “Family”, “Friends” and so on);
– you can organize contacts into groups: create/delete groups, assign contacts to groups (with mass select);
– mass delete contacts (for example if you imported them incorrectly);
– delete contacts by swiping (no need to go into each contact, switch to edit …);
– sending mass SMS or e-mails (select multiple contacts or all contacts by easy tapping);
– make call or send sms to individual contact;
– correct handling of address book permissions: app will ask for the permissions;
– import of all phones labels correctly (phone/fax 2,3,4).


Version 4 is released

Version 4 is now in the AppStore. The new features implemented in this version:

1.) App attempts to map the file fields automatically, based on the common names, like “First name” and so on.
2.) App attempts to map the phone types automatically (like “mobile.provate” = “mobile”).
3.) It is now possible to select as phone numbers column which contain non-numeric numbers after feedback from users.
The mappings are done for most fields for files exported from Samsung and LG PC studios.

As always, your feedback is very much appreciated.

New version 2.0 is released. List of new features

New version 2.0 of “Contacts In: Import CSV Contacts” has been released.

The main new features are:

1.) Import of files with other separators. You can select comma (used by default), semicolon, tab or other symbol. This solves problem of import of contacts from Nokia phone. Nokia PC Suite creates CSV file where semicolon is used as separator.

2.) Import of phone labels (types), like “work”, “mobile” etc. you have two options:

a.) If in whole column of your file the phone type is the same (for example, you have column which is called “Mobile phone”). In this case you select fixed phone lable “mobile” and all phones in this column will be imported as “mobile” phones.

b.) In the same collumn of the file you have “mobile” phone, “work” phones and so on. The type is indicated in another column (for example “Phone 1 type”). This is how many PC Software export the contacts (at least Samsung and LG do). In this case you can select that phone number is taken from column “Phone number 1” and phone type is taken from columns “Phone 1 type“. Then you will have to assign what each type from the file means. For example, Samsung uses type like those: “Landline.Business”, “Mobile.Private”. You will be asked to map those types to iPhone types. For example, “Landline.Business” is equal to “work” in iPhone, “Mobile.Provate” and “Mobile.Work” both are equal to “mobile” on iPhone.

3.) Improved interface. This include preview of text file in form of table, progress indicator when table in recognized (this may be long operation) and more.

4.) Phone numbers are now allowed to have symbols like ( ) – [ ] and so on.

Added how to import contacts from Excel to iPhone

Have added description of how to import your contacts from Excel table to iPhone. Details are here

Bugs are fixed and update is released in AppStore

Finally Apple approved the update for “Contacts In : Import CSV Contacts” (to version 1.1). Now it is possible to import CSV with values in quotes or without quotes (or combination). You need to download update from AppStore.

Please let me know your comments. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

App is crashing when reading CSV file with values not included in quotes

I saw some complains about app crashing after pressing “Next” after selecting encoding. The most probable reason is that values in CSV file are not included in quotes. According to CSV standard (RFC 4180)  “Each field may or may not be enclosed in double”. Some programs which create CSV file always include fields in quotes, some dont. I checked for Samsung PC Studio and LG PC Suite and they do include all values (even empty) in double quotes. When CSV is created from Excel file, field is included in quotes only if Excel cell contains characters like comma or quote.

So I corrected the app so it can handle CSV files with or without quotes. I submitted update for approval by Apple on 24th of August, so hopefully they will approve it soon.

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