Import contacts to iPhone

How to import your contacts to iPhone

Version 3.0 is released

Hi All!

Version (3.0) of “Contacts In: Import CSV Contacst” is released by Apple.

Implemented some new features:

1. ) Import of birthdays. Different date formats are supported and app will try to detect format automatically. Works fine with 20+ date formats, including US, Europe and others, also RFC3339 (variant of which is used by Samsung PC Studio/Kies).

2. ) Added import of postal address (street, city and so on). Though country will be always country of the user (which should be ok for most of the cases).

3.) Added middle name (in some countries it is important).


5 responses to “Version 3.0 is released

  1. Rusky November 2, 2012 at 5:49 am

    how do you remove a csv file from the app?

  2. Randy November 3, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    1. “Though country will be always country of the user (which should be ok for most of the cases).” I, and I expect many other people, have lots of contacts in foreign countries. My other contact database has a country field which I exported to csv. It sounds like this will be ignored.

    2. I think your phone number import is too restrictive. At the very least, you should allow spaces. I have lots of numbers exported with spaces, in csv they look like “01 75 3341 2222” or “206 727 1111”. Your app will not recognize my phone number columns. I think the user should be able to select any column as a phone number column, even if it is not dialable.

    3. This is not a csvcontacts issue, but you might want to be aware of it. Your directions for importing a csv directly to the iphone (not via itunes) don’t seem to work with Sparrow, the most popular 3rd party email app for the iphone. At least as far as i can tell, holding down an attachment does not give an “open with” screen. I will be sending this on to Sparrow.

    • csvcontacts November 4, 2012 at 9:39 am

      Hi Randy,

      thank your for such extensive feedback. Re your comments:
      1. I though about importing country as well, but the problem that your need to identify country code correctly from name, which is not obvious (e.g. US, USA, United States etc). And it seems that not too many people are storing lots of addresses in their phones. And after all changing country manually on iPhone is much much less time consuming that entering streets, city and so on.
      2. In the beginning I though this would help people better identity most valuable information (phone numbers), so I tried to identify them. By the way spaces and other symbols like (){}[]=-/& are allowed. But variety of files content is huge so some people may have something weird in phone numbers. So I switched to ability to select any column for phone numbers. It will be released with new version (approx. in one week).
      3. You still can option to send it via iTunes. I cannot influence Sparrow.

      • Randy November 4, 2012 at 4:14 pm

        I appreciate your quick and detailed reply.
        1. You are probably right about country in terms of number of users to whom it matters.I am just one of those who travels a lot so I have a lot of foreign country contacts and always want the addresses. Changing the country on the iphone isn’t difficult. But since I maintain my contacts list in a different program, every update and sync would require a manual country update again.
        2. Glad you’ll be allowing any column to be a phone number in the next release. What I found with the current release was even if I put my first record entry in an acceptable format like 206-555-1111, apparently the existence of subsequent record entries in a different format meant the entire column was ignored. It may not have been spaces causing the problem. I have phone numbers like “301 444 1234days” or “cl214 334 3333”.
        3. I did write the Sparrow folks.They don’t seem to think “open with” for attachments is a necessary feature for their product. In fairness to them, Sparrow does recognize and display attachments automatically in (at least) Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

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